Lemnos, overview

Lemnos is the eighth largest island in Greece with a total area of ​​476 square kilometers. Located in the north Aegean Sea, directly across from the Dardanelles, almost equidistant from Mount Athos and the Hellespont and is a volcanic island with rare geological formations and rocky formations. The position of Lemnos in the Aegean are solitary and unique. Since ancient times many sailors and commercial peoples colonized Lemnos in their efforts to develop trade and to establish partnerships with young people (especially those who lived in the Sea of ​​Marmara ).
Other folks, like the Cretans , they reached the island of Hephaestus in their efforts to spread the culture Tosh in the entire Aegean. This has entailed a great commercial, and cultural interaction between the passing people and residents of nisiou. Due to its geographical position, Lemnos has been starring in many mythological and historical events of the Argonauts ( when Jason and Argonauts stopped at Lemnos and hosted for years by Queen Ipsipili ) until the first world war , when the Allies used the island as a base to strike Gallipoli , and until the end of the famous Treaty of Mudros .

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